Podcast Studio

User-friendly podcast production with industry-standard equipment for up to four on-site participants and seamless remote guests integration.




Reservation Only
(no less than 24 hours and
no more than 14 days in advance)

Woodruff Library
level 1, room 102

Podcast Studio features high-quality industry-standard microphones and headphones for up to four on-site participants, an easy-to-use control board with phone and computer channels for connecting remote guests, and sound pads for triggering music and sound effects during podcast.

1. Reserve the Studio 

2. A User Guide is available in the Studio for your reference. If you would like to schedule optional in-person equipment training (for sotware training, see the Learning Software and Best Practices section), click the button below:  

Please read and follow studio use policies listed below. The studios are monitored via the security cameras. Failure to follow the policies may affect your ability to reserve the studio in the future.A violation of Emory Libraries or Emory University code of conduct while using the studio may result in immediate suspension of your reservation privileges.

  • Using the studios without an approved reservation is not allowed.
  • You are responsible for the studio equipment for the period of your reservation and may be charged the full cost of replacement or repair for missing or broken equipment plus a $50 processing fee.
  • Do not take any studio equipment outside of the studio.
  • Food is not allowed in the studio. Drinks are allowed only in no-spill containers with lids.
  • Leave the studio clean, tidy, and ready for the next user: 
    • Take out any trash. Take out anything you brought into the studio. Make sure that the studio chair is in the studio while any outside furniture is removed.
    • Reset all the equipment if you moved it by placing it back where you found it.
    • Reconnect any cables you disconnected.
    • Turn off the power on the power strip behind the desk.
  • Vacate the studio once your reservation time is over. Do not attempt to enter the studio outside of your reservation time period.

Copy your files from the studio computer to your own media or online storage before you vacate the studio. Files left on the computer may be deleted at any time without notice.

  • Shure SM7B microphones mounted on studio boom arms (4)
  • Sennheiser HD 280 Pro closed-back monitor headphones (4)
  • RØDECaster Pro podcast production board 
    • Smartphone, USB and Bluetooth channels for remote call integration
    • Eight programmable sound pads for triggering music and sound effects
    • Onboard audio processing and effects
  • Macbook Air computer with Logic Pro and GarageBand applications for multi-channel podcast recording

  • To schedule 1:1 software training, please email sdl@emory.edu.
  • Learn GarageBand, Logic and podcasting technics and best practices online. Use your Emory access to LinkedIn Learning, an ever-expanding collection of online learning content available to all Emory students, faculty, and staff. Follow this link for a suggested selection of online courses specific to this studio.

  • Adobe Podcast Enhance. Web-based. Remove noise and echo from voice recordings, enhance audio to near-studio quality. Free.
  • AutoPod. A Premiere plugin for automated multi-camera editing. Save time on editing multi-camera video podcasts and interviews. Free trial, then $29/mo.
  • ElevenLabs. Web-based. Generate quality spoken audio from your text in a variety of voices and styles. Includes a free option.

We are supported by students for students. If interested in joining our team, visit our student employment page to learn more.