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Library studios are open by appointment. 

To schedule time in the Student Production Studio, the Music and Audio Recording Studio, the Streaming and Recording Studio, or our Podcast Studio, please go to the Student Digital Life Website.

To schedule an appointment for the staff-supported Academic Production Studio or the Lightboard please complete our intake form.

Our team collaborates with faculty to identify a style of educational video to meet teaching and learning goals. From interviews, to hands-on demonstrations and documentary-style shorts, we offer the opportunity to reach your students with visual creativity. 

Below are four examples of how you can use video:

Interview-style or Single Lecture - Invite experts in your field of research for a conversation or relay important or introductory information to your students through a short lecture. 

Flipped Classroom – Enliven lecture material and help students grasp difficult content. Brief video lectures compliment in-class sessions and can preserve valuable class time.

Lightboard – Reverse the traditional learning environment through written or drawn demonstrations. Our team works closely with faculty to develop modules to enhance student learning and provide practical demonstrations to simplify complex concepts.  

Docu-series - Explore and uncover faculty research and scholarship occurring on campus. This docu-series highlights the relationship between viewer and subject, providing a personal approach to meeting the scholars and educators of the Emory community. Read more about this series.

See collection of APT docu-series

View our Video Portfolio or schedule an appointment!

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