Production Studios


Student Digital Life studios support video, photo, and audio production, practicing and recording presentations, and online conferencing and streaming.

For a virtual tour of a Studio and information on Studio equipment, use, and reservation, follow an appropriate link above.

Faculty interested in using our resources to enhance teaching and learning are welcome to view a selection of sample workshops and assignments at our case studies page.

Studio Technology Comparative Overview

IntuitiveCamera(s)Microphone(s)Studio LightingStudio BackgroundComputer Workstation
SPS videohigh-end HD/4Khigh-end XLRhigh-endblack, white, chroma
SPS audioiMacUSB
OBShigh-end HDhigh-end XLRsimplifiedgrey, chroma
MARCSiMachigh-end XLR
Room 213USBUSBTV monitor

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