Tech Setup Guide

Make sure your computer is ready:

  • Know your computer's Admin username and password: macOS, Windows

Set up your Emory access from your computer:

Once on campus, connect to Wi-Fi:

Install recommended software:

  • Install EaglePrint to use campus printers (Note: you must be connected to the EmoryUnplugged Wi-Fi to access this page)
  • Visit to see additional software Emory provides for students to install on their own computers

Bookmark useful Emory websites:

  • Canvas: access your course materials
    • While logged in, record your name under Account > Namecoach so professors and classmates know how to pronounce it
  • OPUS: (Emory's student portal): view and manage your enrollment and financial records

Need help?

Visit Student Technology Support, the IT help desk for all Emory undergraduate and graduate students.

Students in Oxford, Business, Law, Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health may also reach out to their schools' IT departments.