Digital Notetaking Tools

Microsoft OneNote

Included in your Emory Microsoft 365 account, OneNote allows you to create digital notebooks and do the following:


Create and sort notes into sections and pages. Add, move, or resize content like an infinitely scrolling whiteboard to better organize your thoughts, ideas, and content.

Record Audio

Record lectures. Any notes you take will appear in sync with the audio recordings for later review.

Insert Media

Add screenshots, pictures, videos, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, checklists, and more to your notes.

Do Math

With the Equation and Math Assistant Tools, you can generate (and sometimes solve!) math equations directly in your notes.

Other Applications to Consider

Looking for additional notetaking options? The following free or low-cost apps are favorites of our student staff.


Available for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows 10.


Available for iOS, macOS, and Windows 10.


Only available for iOS and macOS.


Web-based tool that works with Windows, Mac, Chromebooks and Linux via supported browsers,

Notetaking Accommodations at Emory

If you would like to try Glean or have questions about notetaking accommodations at Emory, please contact Emory's Department of Accessibility Services.