Graduating Students

Congratulations new Alumni of Emory University! Here's the information you need to know going forward.

Your Emory Account Access:

Access to all Emory services that require a logon using your netID and password end upon deactivation. Graduating students will lose their access to Microsoft Office 365 (Emory email, OneDrive, Microsoft apps-downloaded and online), EmoryUnplugged, library databases, computer workstations and other resources. 

The accounts of former Emory students are deactivated based on graduation date:

  • May graduating student accounts begin the deactivation process in mid-September 
  • August & December graduating student accounts begin the deactivation process in mid-May 

Access to your OPUS account will remain to request transcripts. Questions regarding OPUS after your network account is deactivated should be sent to


Immediate Action Steps:

  • Your current Email: When you have backed up your email and established a new email account, consider using an auto-reply with your updated contact info in your Emory email account using the Automatic Reply Notification feature (click on the top right gear shift in your O365 account and type Auto in the search box to access the feature).  How to back up your Microsoft Office 365 Emory email account
  • Get new Email with Alumni Services: After the deactivation date, you will no longer have access to your email address. You can create an email account, powered by Google, when you sign into the Emory Online Community.  For more information on how to access your alumni email address, please visit
  • Consider current Emory email usage: Change accounts using your Emory email address as contact or login info or as a backup address (iCloud, Google backup address, and wherever else you have used your Emory email address). 
  • Cloud Storage: access to your Emory Box and OneDrive accounts will also end.  Download and save your files elsewhere in an account not tied to your Emory Email address.  Back up your data!  Note that these are Microsoft links and information is updated on their schedule. 
  • If you are using Emory's McAfee Anti-Virus protection, you need to uninstall it.  Please use the appropriate uninstaller tool and if you need assistance, contact us at
  • If you live in the Residence Halls on campus, you also have ClearPass.  If you are moving off campus with no future plans to live on campus, here's the instructions to uninstall ClearPass.
  • Return Equipment, Books, Storage Drives and other library materials: If you have items checked out from Emory Libraries, please return them. For questions, "Ask A Librarian"


Protect yourself, your devices and your pursuits:

Maintain your devices: 

  • Keep your Antivirus software subscription up-to-date; run scans regularly. See options.
  • Malware Removal: MalwareBytesBitdefender, and Adaware offer free versions if needed. 
  • Keep all software up-to-date. This includes operating system updates, web browser & plug-in updates, and software used to view documents/files downloaded from the internet.
    • For Windows, run Disk Cleanup on your machine once a month. 
    • For Mac, run First Aid on your machine after a forced shutdown to repair problems.
  • Back up your data regularly. 

Manage your Digital Footprint:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others all allow the general public to see your profile. You must manage your privacy settings for every profile so people see exactly what you want them to see. Businesses will try to find profiles for applicants; you need to ensure it shows your best.

Sites like LinkedIn allow you to create a social network that is geared towards your professional life and can be a great way to have a forward-facing and professional online profile for others to see.

Sponsored Accounts: If you are maintaining an affiliation with an official Emory group or program, you may be eligible for a Sponsored Account. You will need a faculty/staff sponsor to request this limited account on your behalf by following these instructions. 


Need help?

Visit Student Technology Support, the IT help desk for all Emory undergraduate and graduate students.

Students in Oxford, Business, Law, Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health may also reach out to their schools' IT departments.