LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is licensed by Emory Libraries for all current Emory University students, faculty and staff. A wide variety of courses are available, including software and programming tutorials, business and organizational strategy, and other topics for student and faculty success. New content is added every week, so be sure to check out the list of new and trending courses on your LinkedIn Learning home screen once you've logged in.

About LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online training library with thousands of videos on professional development topics such as statistics, leadership, web and graphic design, and presentation skills. 

Users have access to the following features in LinkedIn Learning:

  • The full library of LinkedIn Learning instructional content
  • Courses from popular certification programs
  • Learning Paths – recommended courses for mastering certain skills
  • An updated and easy-to-use desktop and mobile site and search
  • The option to connect their LinkedIn account to LinkedIn Learning

Who Can Access LinkedIn Learning at Emory?

LinkedIn Learning is available to current Emory University students, faculty and staff. Alumni and former faculty and staff do not have access.

Emory Healthcare has its own instance of LinkedIn Learning separate from Emory University. Emory Healthcare employees may call 404-712-7167 or email to request access.

Activating Your Account

LinkedIn Learning can be used on or off campus and on mobile devices via the LinkedIn Learning app. Use a desktop device (not mobile) for account activation. 

Follow the Login button above or go directly to the LinkedIn Learning sign on page. Click on “Sign In” and choose the option to sign in with your organizational account.

Instructions for activating and accessing your account from can be found in the User Activation Guide.

You will need your Net ID and password to verify your access.

Once your account is activated, you will log in on the LinkedIn Learning page and the login process is the same on or off campus. Users who connect their LinkedIn profile will login with their LinkedIn credentials (see below). Users who do not connect their LinkedIn profile will log in with their Emory credentials.

Optional: Connect Your LinkedIn Profile

Users have the option of connecting their LinkedIn Learning activity to their LinkedIn profile (this is not required). This feature allows LinkedIn Learning to:

  • Show completed courses on your LinkedIn profile
  • Recommend courses based on your experience and career goals
  • Enable the option to ask course-related questions to subject experts on LinkedIn

No user data will be passed from your public LinkedIn profile back to Emory's LinkedIn Learning instance.

To connect your LinkedIn profile, login to LinkedIn when prompted by the sign-on steps (see the User Activation Guide for detailed instructions). If you don’t wish to connect your profile, you can skip this step. You may connect your profile at a later time under Me > Settings in the LinkedIn Learning dashboard.

Note that when you connect your accounts, if you sign out of LinkedIn, you will need to log back in to LinkedIn to access LinkedIn Learning.

Mobile App

The LinkedIn Learning app is available for iOS and Android. Download the app from the app store, then login with your LinkedIn username and password.

You will not be able to activate your account initially on the mobile app – please use a desktop device for this process.

Contacting Support


The ATS Teaching & Learning Technologies team will provide support and consultation for LinkedIn Learning. Faculty, staff and students can contact for support. You can also create a ticket in Service Now.

LinkedIn Learning also has it own support pages which may be able to answer your questions.

Access Restrictions

The Emory Libraries license for LinkedIn Learning only provides access to current students, faculty and staff using a University NetID and password.

  • The University license does not allow access to sponsored accounts.
  • The University license does not allow access for Emory Healthcare staff.

Emory Healthcare staff should call 404-712-7167 or email for access to LinkedIn Learning.