LinkedIn Learning

Emory's LinkedIn Learning License Ends Oct. 18, 2021

Emory’s licensing for LinkedIn Learning, provided through a library-funded University-wide license agreement, will end October 18, 2021. This means there will no longer be free and unlimited access to LinkedIn Learning content with Emory organizational affiliation after October 18th. 

What Does This Mean for You?

After October 18, 2021, you will have to use an alternative licensing option to access LinkedIn Learning content. All Atlanta-area public libraries provide free LinkedIn Learning access for card holders, and personal access can be purchased as part of a LinkedIn Learning Premium subscription.

If you want to retain your learning history in LinkedIn Learning -- the record of the courses you've viewed and completed -- you’ll need to follow the instructions below, depending on whether you have connected your public facing LinkedIn profile with your LinkedIn Learning account or not.

What Do You Need To Do?

If you have connected your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Learning Accounts

If you connected your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Learning accounts when you set up your LinkedIn Learning account, there's nothing more you need to do. Your learning history has been tied to your public LinkedIn profile can be transferred to a future LinkedIn Learning account once you re-establish access to LinkedIn Learning subscription. Your learning history will not be available for viewing until you have access to a new account.

If you have a standalone LinkedIn Learning Account

If you did not connect your LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning accounts when setting up your LinkedIn Learning account, you can manually download your individual learning history for your records. If you would like to download your learning history, go to the “my learning” tab at the top of your account and then click “learning history.” Next to each course there is a “more” button drop down where you can download your certificates or add them to your LinkedIn profile. 

If you did not connect your LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning profiles, you will start with a new learning history if you regain access to LinkedIn Learning in the future. 

Importing LinkedIn Learning Courses into ELMS

Emory employees can also upload their learning history into ELMS so that it is also connected to their Emory learning transcript. You can do this by logging into Peoplesoft HR, going to “My Learning” and then clicking on the “Supplemental Learning” tab on the left.

What If I Need Help?