Presentation and Conferencing Studio

Presentation practice and recording, plus video and audio conferencing. 



Woodruff Library open hours

Woodruff Library
Level 2, Room 213

Presentation and Conferencing Studio (Room 213) supports practicing presentations for immediate playback or recording them for later review. The studio also supports online interviews, dissertation defenses with a mix of in-person and on-line participants, and collaborative engagement with peers and scholars from across the globe.

1. Reserve the Studio 

2. An instruction printout covering the four functions of the Studio (audio conferencing, video conferencing, presentation practice with no recording, and presentation practice and recording) is available in the Studio for your reference.

3. You are responsible for the Studio equipment for the period of your reservation and may be charged the full cost of replacement or repair for missing or broken equipment plus a $50 processing fee.

4. Copy your files from the Studio computer to your own media or online storage. Files left on the computer may be deleted at any time without notice.

5. You are responsible for leaving the Studio clean and tidy. Not doing so may affect your ability to reserve the Studio in the future.

  • 70" TV display with a USB camera for video-conferencing and for displaying presentations
  • Landline phone connection via a touch panel dial up for audio conferencing
  • Confidence monitor with a USB camera for viewing and recording presentations
  • Ceiling microphones and speakers
  • Dedicated Mac computer with Skype and Zoom installed
  • Lectern

We are supported by students for students. If interested in joining our team, visit our student employment page to learn more.